Why Curie



Essential oils have been proven to enhance mood, evoke memories and emotions. When you walk into a space, the sense of smell drastically impacts your overall experience.  It’s no mistake that for hundreds of years people have used essential oils to embrace the incredible aromatic effects that are associated with them.  In a world that is consuming synthetic fragrances because of their low cost, we believe that there is nothing like natural fragrance.  The notes of sythetic chemicals usually have one chemical molecule, natural fragrance has 20-100 different molecules that create a deep rich experience.  With the most premium natural oils redidily available for anyone, sit back and relax.  Fully enjoy what this world has to offer!


Studies show:

  • 75% of the emotions we generate are from scent
  • 40% improvement in mood when exposed to scent

Unlike other diffusers Curie:

  • Is wireless and powerful enough to fill large spaces
  • Holds three bottles simultaneously 
  • Comes with an advanced app that is always connected
  • No water
  • Can combine oils with application
  • It is automated with no maintenance
  • Has fast connect tops
  • We are constantly incorporating improvement and finding ways to close the gap between natural fragrance and technology!