• How long does the battery last?

While using in a 1,800 square foot room, it can last up to 36 hours with constant usage.

  • How does it connect to WiFi?

When you open the app for the first time it will prompt you for which WiFi network you want to use.  You can change the network at anytime. During presentations I use my cell phone hot spot so I can use it wherever I go easily.

  • Can I use Bluetooth?

There is no Bluetooth connection option as of now.  This is because of the poor experiences with reliability and functionality.  WiFi is always connected and performs with no lag.

  • What size bottle does it use?

Curie uses 15ml bottles.

  • Will you sell the essential oils?

Yes!  We are excited about offering aromatherapy grade essential oils in state of the art bottles.  The bottles will detect when the oil is low and also let Curie know what oil is in that container!

  • Can I use my own bottles?

Yes! It fits any 15ml bottle. 

  • Can you I use with water?

Yes. You can fill the bottles up with water and diffuse only water and you can add essential oils into the water was well.  Curie works well this way too.